Top 5 Kid-Friendly Destinations For Family Road Trip Holidays

A new car mall being built in Brisbane was reported a couple of months ago to be adding its own race track on their property. Customers who are there to buy a new car from a Brisbane Mitsubishi dealer will be able to set their own lap record if they wish to drive a lap around the track. Auto malls are trying to make owning a car a universal family experience, like any Brisbane Citroen dealer.


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The following destinations keep your child in mind with the top five kid-friendly trips you can take your family on during your next road trip in your new car.


Gold Coast, QLD


It is a well-known fact that most children love splashing around in water. With a fun water park conveniently located in the heart of theme park capital, your children will be splashing through shallow pools surrounded by their favorite cartoon characters. There is a designated aquatic adventure playground for kids of all ages and parking is easily available all year around for your four-wheeled family member, like from Brisbane Mitsubishi dealer.


Cairns, QLD


A theme park easily accessible on your road trip in your new car from dealers like Brisbane ldv dealer, the entire family can jump around on the biggest jumping pillow in the Southern Hemisphere. The theme parks here are ideal for even the most senior members of your family while having plenty of swimming pools for your children to splash around in. Most have their own resort accommodations and can be booked in advance prior to your road trip.


Dubbo, NSW


Home to its own zoo and plenty of scenic views from your resort, it is conveniently located with super friendly hosts who will find fun activities for your kids while you relax. You can drive on over in your new or leased vehicle from dealers like Brisbane dodge dealer, to expand your child’s horizons at the Dubbo Zoo, home to tropical birds and other animals, with feeding shows and oodles of activities.


Broome, Western Australia


Your children and partner or spouse will thank you for this one. This boutique style holiday allows the entire family to indulge in beautiful beaches like Cable Beach, where you can take your SUV for a spin, along the coastline while indulging in paradise. Some of the beach bungalows become your holiday sanctuary, with the best authentic Aussie barbeques, upgraded facilities and even camel rides at sunset. You can even locate a Brisbane Mitsubishi dealer easily here, if there is a need to visit one for any servicing requirements of your car.


Darwin & Top End National Parks


Pretty hot all year around, dunk your kids in the Wave Lagoon or at remote sink holes at Kakadu National Park. Kayaking is also recommended as a family bonding activity, while discovering the famous Aboriginal ancient rock art that your kids will never forget. If you are a family of hikers, you can check out some of the best look out points in the area and if you are lucky enough, capture some wildlife on your digital cameras to show your friends back home.


Travelling with children is not as troublesome as they like portraying in movies. As long as they are kept entertained in the car, such as the ones you can see on websites like, they usually are more excited than adults during vacation.