Why the Rail Trail Trip in Otago, New Zealand Is Unforgettable

Enjoy the obsolete rail track, stroll, cycle, and delight in the surrounding natural elegance as you travel along the path. Those are, in short, the distinct functions of the Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand.

This rail train tour, especially its Otago Rail Trail bike hire, has become one of the most preferred destinations in New Zealand. It is estimated that on a standard, concerning 14,000 individuals enjoy these unique rail route trips in Otago, New Zealand.

Why should you explore the area and get an Otago Rail Trail bike hire? Read to know more about Otago Rail Trail’s wonders:

otago rail trail bike hire

Interesting background

This unused train line spreads to 150 km between Central Otago and also Dunedin. Although the train line was completed, for various factors, the line was never used. As a result, the train line was ignored by the authorities. Interestingly, as time went by, it captured the hearts of locals and tourists. Thus, it eventually turned out to be a well-loved tourist spot in New Zealand.

Activities offered in the tour

Stephen Bridle, Managing Supervisor, Makerview, boasts that the area doesn’t only offer a Rail Trail Bike Hire Otago has now. You can also hire some guides for strolling or steed riding. These are additionally obtaining a value as a prominent wine tour.

Remarkable activities

Among the vacationers and fun-loving regional populace of New Zealand, the strolling activity and Rail Trail Bike Hire in Otago have ended up being prominent services.

Several travellers like to stroll the distance. They generally take about 5 to 7 days to cover the distance. If you take a bike, it could take about 3 to 5 days. If you ride horses, you’ll take 2 to 3 days. The trip is indeed a test of endurance and patience.

As you stroll along, you could talk with fellow tourists, sing, and listen to music. All these make you never forget this fantastic route.

Comfy stay

The rail tour will be challenging yet also convenient. Why? For your ease, several hotels and dining establishments will serve you all along the route. You can appreciate hot coffee/tea, snacks at these restaurants. In addition to these, the restaurants will fill your tummies with the local delicacies.

On top of those, several resorts will also cater to you. You can take pleasure in a comfortable room at these resorts. You can rejuvenate after your week-long stroll. The food and holiday accommodation are likewise available at budget-friendly rates.

Guided and high-end tours

The guided excursion usually serves 4 to 20 persons. The trip lasts up to five days. The plan includes airport pick up, accommodation, baggage transfer, Otago Rail Trail bike hire charges, curling, breakfast, and train charges for Taieri, George.

In addition to this, you also find guided deluxe tours. This trip lasts up to six days. They will provide clients with flight terminal pick up, luggage transfer costs, bike fees, accommodation, and food. This tour will also offer a cruise at Clutha River, relaxation in Naseby, a vineyard excursion, Hayes engineering tour, and Taieri George train fee.

Experienced quick guides

The package deal excursion drivers give you power bars, mineral water, and sunblock. The trip operators also embark on to schedule your meals after discussing the food selection with you. You could browse http://www.cyclesurgery.co.nz to find Rail Trail Bike hire Otago has now. You will be accompanied by a skilled guide.